Trauma Aware

Usui Reiki Level 1

Saturday March 9th

12:30pm-6:30pm EST

Learn Reiki for self-care and bring your healing into your own hands, especially to reduce trauma related symptoms!

Class will be offered both in person and virtual (via zoom).

It will not be recorded.

Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelm With The Touch of Your Reiki Infused Hands

We're constantly triggered by reminders of past events in our lives that shocked us in some way. However, often more subconscious than conscious.

The reminders may come in the form of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual reactions.
By looking at these pictures what are you experiencing? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?

Trauma Responses Can Appear Out of Nowhere.

Responses activate our Fight/Flight/Freeze System.

Physical reactions may include

• Headaches

• Shortness of Breath

• Hands turning into fists

• Acute pain

• Tension within the body

• Hot Flashes

Emotional reactions may include

• Intense feelings of sadness

• Sudden anger

• Overwhelm

Mental reactions may include

• Overthinking

• Urge to run away

• Self-criticism

• Insomnia

Reiki has helped clients and students with trauma symptoms, just like those above, and so much more.

Reiki helps you:

• Balance your chakras

• Experience inner peace within moments

• Self-regulate your stress response whenever you become triggered

• Find relief from acute pain

• Calm your overactive mind

• Helps you release feeling stuck and frozen

• Within a variety of modalities

Within this interactive class, you'll:

• Understand how trauma is stored in the body.

• Practice Reiki for self-care.

• Apply activities to release trauma.

• Learn the history of Reiki.

• Have basic knowledge of the chakras and their connection to trauma.

• Receive the Reiki 1 attunement.

• Incorporate Reiki principles into your daily practice

• Ask questions related to Reiki, chakras, and energy.

With your registration you'll receive the manual in a self-reiki audio and Reiki 1 certificate.

You’ll also be invited to join our Whatsapp group for Reiki Practitioners!

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